Kavita Kosh is a Treasure Trove of Hindi and Urdu Poetry

http://www.kavitakosh.org is a virtual treasure trove of Hindi and Urdu poetry. The website has by far the best and the richest collection of Hindi poems on internet. Before Kavita Kosh, Jaya Jha’s blog  http://jayajha.wordpress.com  was the best place for hindi lovers. But there is only so much an individual can do. Kavita Kosh uses wikipedia format and encourages users to upload poems. It seems the response has been good and the collection has been growing fast since I chanced upon the site about a month ago.

All the Dushynat Kumar poems that I posted here were lifted from Kavita Kosh. I was being dishonest in not acknowledging the source; this post is my confession.  

There are at least three things that I like about Kavita Kosh: 1.  Just how amazing the collection is; there are whole books and anthologies up on the website. It is a virtual library and a rich one at that. 2. I love the fact that site managers have included urdu poetry (in devnagari script) also. Most other websites on hindi poetry do not have urdu poems on them. 3. Kavita Kosh considers film songs, folk songs and popular bhajans to be a part of our literary tradition and has special sections on them. As i had written earlier, my own appreciation of good poetry was built on folk and film songs that my maa remembered and loved to recite. About some film songs, she would say: “Oh! they are so good, they should be included in textbooks”. Well Kavita Kosh has done that in its own way. The collection of folk and film songs is not that rich yet, but it is a great start.

If you are fond of Hindi or Urdu poetry, visit http://www.kavitakosh.org , bookmark the page, and if possible, enrich its collection with your contributions.


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